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Government Agent / District Secretary


Performing the development and administration activities and coordinating according to the government policies maintain the welfare of the people to a commendable level by helping contemporary social needs.

Additional District Secretary – Mr. K. Arunthavarajah


Strengthening the district administration through guiding the activities of divisional secretary’s and other institutes in the district under the approval of the district secretary

Chief Accountant –
Mr. Kalaignanasundaram - SLAcS

Doing financial management to perform development, welfare, disaster relief and administration in the district to a commendable level and doing the financial responsibility for people through the financial report.

Chief internal auditor-

A.L. Mahroof

Director Planning

Mrs. K.Parameswaran

Equalize the Development Activities in Trincomalee District thorough Plan, assign, direct and review development Projects.

Assistant District Secretary – Mr. N.Pratheepan


Performing assisting duties to development and administration activities under the guidance of District Secretary and Additional District Secretary and maintaining internal administration to a commendable level.

Accountant – Mrs. P. W. Bhagya

Maintaining the productivity and efficiency to a commendable level as to meet the government policies and performing the financial duty and bearing the responsibility which need for development and administration of the district to give a maximum service for the people.

Engineer -
Mr. M. Thivaskar

Responsible to Monitoring ,Supervising and Developing construction activities of the Department

District Assistant Director - Disaster Management.


Coordinating Disaster Management activities and Disaster relief programme with the close collaboration of Government and Non-governmental organizations, while facilitating the development of the District in accordance with the guidance of the Government Agent.

Director of Agriculture.

Mr. M.Kugathasan

Monitoring the Agricultural duties to development in the district through planning and implementing the agricultural activities zccording to the National Agricultural necesities

Administrative Officer

Mr. S.K.D.Neranjan