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Iftar function was conducted by Trincomalee District Secretariat Iftar function committee at District Secretariat Trincomalee on 15th July 2015. Provincial Secretary D.M.S Abe Gunavardane, Trincomalee Government Agent N.A.A.Pushpakumara, Addl.Gov.Agent S.Arulrasa, Director Planning K.Parameshwaran and District Srcretariat Staffs also participate to this Function.


Mr. N.A.A .Pushpakumara Appointed as Goverment Agent Trincomalee



Mr.N.A.A.Pushpakumara took office as the Government Agent and District Secretary of Trincomalee Administrative District on 02nd March 2015 at the auspicious time 9.36 a.m.

Multi religious observances were taken place and Addl.Government Agent Mr.S.Arulrasa all Divisional Secretaries in the District, All Staff Officers in Trincomalee District Secretariat, Senior  Staff Officers from the eastern Provincial Council participated at the occasions. Mr.N.A.A.Pushpakumara is a senior SLAS class 1 officer in the Eastern Province and he was the earlier Secretary to Ministry of Education, Land and Culture Affairs of Eastern Province.




Last one month Trincomalee District affected by Flood due to heavy rain. Kinniya, Thampalagamuva, Seruvila, Kanthale, Muthur, Verugal, Kuchchaveli, Morawewa Divisions are mostly Affected by this flood. Totally 44631 people from the 12565 families are Affected by this flood.

This flood due to rain affected people are displaced and they have been accommodated in secure camps.

Trincomalee District Secretary Major General T.T.R. De Silva visited to affected areas and arranging the relief for that affected places.

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